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Code Red Technologies offer a complete Structured Cabling, Network Data Cabling Design and installation service. Utilizing the latest Category 5E and Category 6 standards, our cabling design team will create a cabling scheme tailored to meet your specific requirements. We have ALL network solutions for you, to include…

Voice & Data Cabling: We want you to thrive not just survive. Voice, video, data and other electronic means are pivotal for everyday use and EVERYDAY, systems wear out, breakdown, new businesses are formed and technology evolves without warning. Having the means of reliable communication is not an option its a must. CRT offers the skill and knowledge to ensure your business is connected be it across the hall or across the country.

Fiber Optic Cabling: Simply put its the backbone to your business and operates as fast as the speed of light! With Code Red’s proven and reliable record for its installation ensures you high quality performing benefits. Fiber Optic installation is not a simple task but with our Tech’s you have the advantage of contacting us today, for installations tomorrow and utilizing high quality performances always.

Wireless LAN Cabling: Even in a wireless environment, network cabling installation is just as important; not only for the devices but also the data that its transferred to and from. We believe the structured cabling infrastructure is absolutely vital, as well as ensuring the quality of wireless network devices such as routers, switches, and access points are of value and properly installed.

Code Red Technologies design incorporates performance requirements; structured cabling UAE standards service requirements and any existing cabling infrastructure. Installations range from single to multi-drop systems, for both voice, video and data. Your success is achieved through Our comprehensive project management, training and quality assurance.

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